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Dawson Now

Jan 13, 2021

If you've been to a Christian concert tour event or to a Christian festival anywhere in the United Stated, you've probably experienced the work of our guest for this week's podcast. That's because He's THE man to call when you're organizing such things.

His name is Denny Kietzman, and he's spent almost fifty years in the concert and event business. He is a real expert. And - he has a lot of stories about his days in the wings, and he tells us some of those stories in this episode of Dawson Now.

Production note:
The day we recorded our interview with Denny we had more technical issues that we've ever had. It was a "challenging" day. At one point we lost all internet access in the entire office building where the studio is located and had to relocate to complete the interview. So you will notice lower audio quality in the first half of the podcast than we usually present to you, but it improves. Thanks for your patience!