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Dawson Now

Mar 31, 2020

Join Scott this week as he interviews longtime friend Bob Contaldo from Chicago about something he's doing to spread the light of Christ in the darkness during the current COVID-19 crisis. Bob's idea is unique, impactful, and anyone can do what he's doing - so you could follow his lead and make a difference in...

Mar 24, 2020

On this episode of Dawson now, Scott talks with Thomas Beavers, the Senior Pastor of New Rising Star Church in Birmingham, Alabama, about his life as the pastor of a church serving the unique needs of his community. Pastor Beavers is a true cultural catalyst in every sense, reaching his community with the Gospel of...

Mar 17, 2020

Join Scott as he talks with Reward Sibanda about his faith journey from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe to the United States, and how he came to be the Senior Advisor for Church And Community Relations at World Vision.

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To contact Reward about speaking to your church or group,...

Mar 10, 2020

Join Scott as he chats with Brian Branam about his new book, "Pulse - Life in Rhythm", a guide for men based on an examination of David.

Also, Scott talks with Dan Pahos about caring for our "seasoned citizens" and how his business, "Home Instead", approaches this vital task.

Mar 4, 2020

This week join Scott as he talks with U.S. Congressman Gary Palmer about the journey of faith which has led him from his early days working for his father as a logger, to his current position in Washington, D.C., representing the people of Alabama's 6th congressional district. It's an enlightening and insightful...